02. Propaganda Hysteria

To produce and distribute information related with things that steal our attention we did it by publishing bulletin or our own zines. Propaganda Hysteria printed by Hysteria routinely since 2004 till now. It used to be only “Hysteria”, so to make it different with communal name we used “Propaganda Hysteria”. 

Propaganda Hysteria being published by spirit to archiving, documenting, giving alternative discourse, and further to make us how processing an issue independently. Sometimes it being two-colours printed, full colour too but oftenly copied. The number of copies are also vary, sometimes there are 30 copies in one time printed, but we also make it reached 500 copies sometimes. 

Sometimes we get the support from laundry advertising, internet cafe, and others, sometimes cross-subsidy but mostly collective. Besides printed version Propaganda Hysteria also provided free download pdf version as long as not for strong financial benefit.

Download "Propaganda Hysteria" here : (link still on progress)