03. Grobak Art Kos

Grobak Art Hysteria or GAK is an exploration room and discussion under management of Hysteria. GAK is located in Jalan Stonen 29 Bendan Ngisor Gajahmungkur, Semarang. It is a house that has been functioned besides as a staying place also as cultural activities spot since June 6th, 2008.

The name is taken from Grobak Art, nasi kucing stall which was existed before at Jalan Atmodirono, a Hysteria project in order to found finacial solution and also alternative room. Being operated since August 2007 and then bankrupt due to lack of workers. Since 2008 ago, so many activities held in GAK with functioning almost every area inside it.

Some of events that held in GAK were exhibition, film or video screening, discussion, poetry reading, book review, art performance, music show, etc.
GAK is very open  to work together especially on critical events and enriching art scene.
Contact us : 085669628380
Email : hysteriakita59@gmail.com / gak@grobakhysteria.org